Based on ADC’s capabilities in Engineering, Procurement and Construction, and as a natural growth from the District Cooling sector, the Energy Services arm has been promoting and developing Combined Cooling Heating & Power (CCHP) schemes for large scale property developers as well as industrial clients who’s connectivity to the main grid or need for back-up power in addition to their requirements for comfort or process cooling and heating qualify them as attractive prospects for such a CCHP scheme.

The economic and environmental benefits from maximizing the use of prime energy by minimizing transmission and distribution losses, collecting the waste heat from the combustion turbines stacks, converting into useful and storable heat (Thermal Storage Systems) and/or cooling (central cooling plant) are in excess of 50% overall energy efficiency improvement, which combined with the thermal energy plants’ superior performance over conventional standalone systems, make this proposition attractive. However, the complexities of offering such systems have to be addressed as in regulatory frameworks, permitting, licensing, feedstock availability, use of smokestacks and substantial industrial footprint, pioneering approach, and the availability of experienced service providers and operators. ADC’s affiliate company EN3 has acted as the owner’s representative in a unique power generation performance improvements using a hybrid cooling plant for Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (TIAC) using waste heat from the same combustion turbines that require pre-cooling of combustion air.

While the main utilities (such as power generation, district energy plants, and water utilities) rely almost exclusively on fossil fuel as prime source of energy and major efforts are made to improve on the utilities overall efficiency through integration and synergies (see paragraph above), ADC and affiliates (interchangeable) are targeting renewable energy applications albeit the major obstacles facing that new sector. Case in point, ADC’s exploring Concentrated Solar Panels (CSPs) with the heat serving as the source for Power Generation (PG) and long term Energy Thermal Storage (ETS) tanks to maintain agricultural farms operating in remote locations in East Africa.

Finally, and given the systematic engineered approach that ADC team have developed over time and whose project management expertise is geared to implement on site, ADC has been qualifying and bidding for more complex System Applications for Oil & Gas, Data Centers, Pharmaceutical & Industrial sectors.

Energy Services