ADC’s key figures are a testament to its expertise:

Achieved over AED 1 Billion Turnover since inception in 2005.
Constructing a total of 10 plants in 8 years to 2013, with another 6 plants under various stages of construction of which all shall be completed within 2014/2015, all plants serving the 7 leading utility developers and operators within the GCC region.

Collectively the plants;

- Generate a total cooling capacity of 447,250 TR.
- Sub-Stations are designed and equipped for 450 MW
- Chilled Water Pumping capacity is 700,000 GPM
- Designed to accommodate gross floor area (GFA) of 15,000,000 m2
- Total foot print is approximately 26,000 m2
- Serve 7 leading utility developers and operators within the GCC region.

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Ensured over 9,500,000 safe people-hours.

Boasts an experienced management team of 15 with a combined professional experience exceeding 350 man-years.

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With ADC’s multidisciplinary team and experience the company boasts the capacity to perform within and across 4 distinct divisions.

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ADC is staffed with an average of 350 employees of which are 125 executives and engineers, and 250 core construction team.

Pursuing projects in 4 GCC countries UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, 2 Near East/North African countries Jordan, Algiers, Tanzania and 2 subcontinent countries India, Bangladesh.

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Key Figures