ADC's partnering with General or Civil Contractors, Technology Partners, Strategic Vendors, and Service Providers is key in enabling us to implement the ideal solution that addresses our client's unique requirements and in delivering industrial grade, quality engineered solutions in a timely and competitive manner. Once ADC and prospect partner identify a combined interest in jointly attending to a particular project and past the necessary due diligence to align our working cultures and business principles, we work diligently on jointly crafting the relationship, roles, governance, scope of works, etc that ensure long term engagement with clarity, transparency and joint interests.
For that purpose, we are always very keen to engage with potential partners and welcome the opportunity to discuss added value as a result of partnering.

Main areas for partnerships are:

District Cooling / Grain Milling & Food Business / Energy and Infrastructure – All markets

1.    Civil Contractors or General Contractors
2.    Engineers of Records and Civil/Architectural firms
3.    Suppliers for Advanced components or systems
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