Location: March 2008 – November 2010

Duration: WM Group Engineers – (MEP), and

Consultant: Crang & Boake Inc. – (EOR)

Contract Type: Engineer – Procure – Construct (EPC / Turnkey)

Plant Sizes: 90,000TR

Client:PAL Technology LLC (PAL)

As a subsidiary of PAL Group, PAL Technology is involved in District Cooling, Desalination Plants, Water Transmission lines, residential and commercial Construction, infrastructure works along with dredging and marine engineering and is a complete solution provider for the construction, utilities and infrastructure.

Project Scope / Highlights:

This mega plant spreads over 5,000 square meters and includes multiple dual compressor duplex centrifugal chillers in parallel providing 70,000 TR of cooling. Performance is guaranteed with the detection of contract flow primary chilled water and condenser water pumps to the cooling towers located on the roof structure. Secondary pumping arrangement through six 3.3 kV VFD driven pumps connected to the buried network pipes feeding to the ETS located throughout the development. Further, TES tanks provide another 20,000 TR of cooling with a combined storage capacity of 100,000 TR.hr. .

Pearl of the Emirates District Cooling Plant (Tamouh)