Location: Dubai Investment Park, Dubai, UAE

Duration: July 2007 – July 2009 (DIP6); April 2007 – June 2010 (DIP3)

Consultant: Cansult Maunsell–Design and Schuster Pechtold–Supervision

Contract Type: Engineer – Procure – Construct (EPC / Turnkey)

Plant Sizes: DIP 3: 75,000TR & DIP 6: 37,500TR

Client:Emirates District Cooling Company LLC (EMICOOL)

EMICOOL is a District Cooling Service Provider and a joint venture between M’sharie L.L.C.-the private equity arm of Dubai Investments PJSC (DIC) - and Union Properties PJSC. Supporting the combined real estate investments of its shareholders has allowed EMICOOL to develop and own a vast range of district cooling utility plants in Dubai Investment Park (DIP), the Green Community, and Dubai Motor City.

Project Scope / Highlights:

ADC was awarded an EPC contract to design & build 75,000 TR District Cooling Plant. Twelve sets of chiller modules with total capacity of 60,000 TR were installed in phases inside the plant room. Two TES tanks were built in phases to add 15,000 TR to the plant capacity with a final total capacity of 75,000 TR. Similarly, ADC was awarded a separate EPC contract to design & build DIP-6 37,500 TR District Cooling Plant. A TES tank was included where it is providing 30,000 TR.hr storage cooling capacity. The Plants provide chilled water to a mix of residential and commercial sub-developments like Ritaj Residential Compound, Dunes Village, and Dubai Lagoon. .

Dubai Investment Park District Cooling Plants (DIP3/DIP6)