Location: Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Duration: DCP2: May 2011 – July 2013; DCP3: October 2013 – December 2014

Consultant: Architects Crang & Boake Inc. (EOR and Supervision)

Contract Type: Design & Build (FIDIC based)

Plant Sizes: DCP2 capacity of 12,500 TR (Phase I of 10,000 TR) DCP3 capacity of 35,000 TR (Phase I of 8,750 TR)

Client:Paragon ABD Cooling LLC with subsequent innovation to Saadiyat Cooling LLC

Set up initially as a joint venture partnership between Dalkia Utilities - a global provider of energy services, and Arcapita Bank B.S.C. (c) – an international investment firm headquartered in Bahrain, whose shareholding was subsequently re-assigned to Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC), PARAGON was awarded the district cooling plants concession on Saadiyat Island’s main TDIC developments. TDIC is the Abu-Dhabi based master developer of key cultural, residential and tourism destinations including Saadiyat Island.

Project Scope / Highlights:

The project in its completed stages will be providing a combined capacity of fifty thousand tons of refrigeration (69,500 TR) including TES tanks, and serving a 27 km2 area. DCP2 plant (12,500 TR designed capacity) was completed in July 2013 while DCP3 will be completed by the end of 2014 to serve the Cultural district, as well as the Promenade district which will contain resorts, family entertainment facilities, and hotels. The third plant DCP1 (22,000 TR), in Saadiyat Beach district, will be completed in 2016 as further properties reach completion. The plants are designed around utmost reliability, high performance, and maximum operability. .

Saadiyat Island District Cooling Plants (DCP2/DCP3)