Location: Jumeirah Beach, Dubai - UAE

Duration: 12 months

Consultant: Hyder Consulting

Contract Type: Procure and Construct

Plant Sizes: 10,000 TR

Client:AFC - Meraas

A mixed-use development that will take shape in Dubai's exclusive beachfront district Jumeirah in the vicinity of Pearl Jumeirah Island. Construction of La Mer is set to commence in Q4 2014. Conceptualized to integrate a minimalist and contemporary design, La Mer's pristine location will ensure uninterrupted views of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai's iconic skyline. The development will spread across 9.5 million square feet of existing and reclaimed land. Comprising four distinct zones - the beach, a leisure and entertainment hub, North Island, and South Island - La Mer will feature commercial, leisure, residential and hospitality components. On North Island and South Island, La Mer will include fully integrated residential neighborhoods that comprise a total of 688 apartments and villas as well as a 160-key hotel to meet the expected influx of tourists. The project will also launch a range of retail and F&B concepts, some beach activities. La Mer will emerge as a world-class dest

Project Scope / Highlights:

La Mer will be cooled through a 10,000 TR district cooling plant. The plant is to be built on shore as separate structure. ADC scope is to verify the design and construct and commission the district cooling plant. .

LA MER DC Plant (Jumeirah Open Beach)