When building performance matters

Engineer – Procure – Construct for Industrial clients means Engage . Partner . Conclude to ADC teams

As a turnkey contractor in the fields of Cooling Plants, Energy Services, Grain Handling and Infrastructure, we continuously work on bringing our industrial application to good conclusion through continuous engagements with all stakeholders starting with the client and his representatives, in partnership with our suppliers, service providers and our own talented team, and through the practice of detailed attention and care to conclude matters successfully.

Cooling plants

ADC is a leader in the District Cooling Industry with eighteen projects completed or under construction. Our particular experience in that sector has elevated our capabilities to deliver projects under time and cost constraints by having streamlined our various skills in terms of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction and in being able to support a wide set of applications such as Turbine Inlet Air Cooling, Modular Packages systems, and Process Cooling.

Energy services

ADC’s EPC backbone and expertise in handling related industrial-grade type facilities, in addition to having a group of executives with the strong belief and background in the areas of Combined Cooling Heating & Power (CCHP), Renewables and Energy Performance, are providing interesting opportunities to the company such as Concentrated Solar Power for mega farms.

Grain, milling & food business

ADC offers integrated solutions & services for strategic grain storage terminals, grain milling & handling facilities, industrial food businesses and cement & mineral mining applications. With proven quality standards of design, implementation and operation on EPC, D&B or PPP platforms, GMFB management has also developed partnerships with a number of international partners to offer high standards of specialist technical skills, experience and equipment manufacturing.


Laying down major transmission lines for chilled water and related fiber optic cables, valve chambers, energy transfer stations, balance of plant infrastructure from roads, street lighting to utility tie ins, and other works like pumping stations is integral to our systems delivery... moving towards bigger infrastructure jobs...